Experts in the News

The New York Times

"I think the full potential of gratitude is realized when people are able to express gratitude in words. …When we are able to say what we’re grateful for and explain why, it shifts our attention from what’s negative to what’s positive in our lives."

— Joel Wong

The Atlantic

"Part of my job, as a writer and as a chief health officer, is to explain how much less risky most activities are now compared with last year. Many people I talk with, though, have others in their life who aren’t yet safe, and they are horrified that we can’t create exceptions or come up with policies to protect their vulnerable loved ones. I share their frustration, but I’m puzzled by their surprise. America has never cared enough. People just didn’t notice before."

— Aaron Carroll

Indianapolis Business Journal

"The National Institutes of Health is the largest single funder of biomedical research in the world [and the IU School of Medicine has] basically doubled the amount of funding from the NIH over the past five years. .... A lot of that growth has been in … the areas of Alzheimer’s disease and … cancer."

— Tatiana Foroud

Business Insider

"Because these aspiring teachers live in a multicultural nation, I believe it is more important than ever for them to acquire a serious understanding of racism and this nation's rich multicultural history. …. My goal is to challenge students to think more deeply about themselves, about others, and about the diversity of the children they may one day teach."

— Lasana Kazembe


"If a couple hundred dollars a week is enough to convince a worker not to work for you, then I think you need to question what kind of work environment and pay are you offering."

— Michah Pollak