Industry Partnerships and Innovation

The power of partnerships

The impact of research is measured in many ways, including economic impact. According to an Economic Impact Analysis released in fall 2020, Indiana University spent $261.5 million on payroll to support research activities in FY 2018-19, along with $470.9 million in other research spending, for a net total of $464.7 million in added income for the state economy. That's equivalent to supporting 8,777 jobs.

The economic impact of IU research reaches much further, though, through the many important business and industry partnerships that engage with and invest in IU research and its connections to the public domain. IU's Office of Business Partnerships serves as the front door for industry partners seeking to cultivate strategic, collaborative relationships with IU faculty, researchers, and students.

Derica Rice and Robin Nelson-Rice created the Rice Consortium Fellows program to enhance diversity and inclusion at the Kelley School of Business.

The OBP provides assistance such as a webinar series on leveraging Google, Microsoft, and Amazon cloud platforms to scale up research projects, coffee hours for informal conversation about business partnerships processes, and racial justice partner summits exploring the impact of diversity, equity, and inclusion on business and economic development and the potential for collaborations.

139New invention disclosures

238Patents received

6Startups launched

A gloved physician handling papers containing data and information related to health.

Filling crucial gaps in public health information

Working with Microsoft Research, IU and Regenstrief Institute conducted a 2020 worldwide online survey on COVID-19 that quickly collected large-scale data of great value for targeting public health responses.

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An image of a model pedestrian at the Toyota Collaborative Research Safety Center.

Breakthrough for brake safety

A new technology strengthens tests of automatic emergency braking systems. It was developed by the Transportation and Autonomous Systems Institute at IUPUI in partnership with the Toyota Collaborative Safety Research Center.

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A robotic therapy seal used to help patients with Alzheimer's or dementia.

Enriching life with social robots

IU AI experts are studying the use of social robots to support community engagement for older adults and develop usable solutions to improve their well-being, working with the Toyota Research Institute and other institutions.

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An IU Health professional looking at an empty beaker/vial.

Precision medicine for the mind

IU research that revealed blood biomarkers for mental health disorders and suicidal tendencies led to the startup MindX. The pioneering work by IU School of Medicine's Alexander Niculescu is leading to blood tests to help doctors prescribe medications that match the patient and help them live longer, happier lives.

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Visual comparisons of Hepatitis B Virus capsids with bound drugs (purple) to a normal capsid without drug (green).

New treatments for hepatitis B virus

New treatment options are now available to patients facing hepatitus B, thanks to a startup founded by IU chemist Adam Zlotnick. In 2020, Door Pharmaceuticals signed an agreement to work with Assembly Biosciences on developing of a novel class of HBV antiviral drug candidates.

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A decorative icon representing chemical risk assessment

Assessing our chemical risk

Dream Tech, a new startup founded by IU environmental health specialist Kan Shao, helps companies and organizations improve toxic chemical assessments in products from pharmaceuticals to food.

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