Racial Justice & Gender Equity Research

Below you'll find a small sampling of ongoing Racial Justice Research Fund projects, which are part of a much larger universe of racial and equity research across IU.

IU School of Medicine's Paul Musey talking with a patient.

The role of race in patient outcomes

To help inform racial and cultural sensitivities of health care providers, the IU School of Medicine's Paul Musey and colleagues are examining how race impacts undiagnosed and undertreated anxiety disorders and patients' receptivity to care options.

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A counselor and kid playing a game at Camp Mariposa-Aaron's Place.

Training mentors for kids affected by addiction

A summer camp for kids whose lives have been affected by addiction also helps IU student-mentors learn how to work with vulnerable populations. IUPUI's Victoria Wilburn is studying the impact of the mentoring program.

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A group of four young women, masked up, and on the streets of Bloomington.

A platform for youth voices

Through improv, dance, puppetry, poetry, and more, the City-Wide Youth Theater Collective in Bloomington, Ind. is giving a group of diverse adolescents space for self-expression and civic action as they navigate a complex world.

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A group of protestors wearing COVID-19 masks at a Black Lives Matter gathering.

Activism and the arts

IU South Bend psychologist Dé Bryant believes the arts are key to generating racial justice. She's designed a program to help racial justice activists find ways to sustain themselves and their work.

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Cultural trauma among Black men

To help address the toll that systemic racism takes on Black men, IUPUI researchers are developing new ways of measuring racism's effects and the impact of interventions meant to resist the cultural trauma it causes.

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Trump protestors outside of the capitol building.

How online hate sparks hateful action

What kinds of online hate speech actually trigger offline hate actions? That's the question being explored by IU Bloomington's Gunther Jikeli, who is using big data and AI to better understand extremism in hopes of finding common ground.

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