Well-being in Indiana & Beyond

Improving lives of Hoosiers and beyond

IU researchers, scholars, and artists have addressed issues of global importance from home, in the lab, and in communities across the state, including the pursuit of knowledge to advance the fight against COVID-19.

A physician and their patient talking about health history.

Transforming health in Indiana

Chronic diseases such as cancer, diabetes, and Alzheimer’s touch the lives of countless Hoosiers every year. IU scientists, doctors, and researchers are focused on using the power of precision health to provide targeted, individualized care and improve quality of life for those who suffer.

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Partners in resilience

Actively engaging and collaborating with educators, organizations, and local governments, IU environmental experts are investigating how to prepare and protect the state’s communities from the consequences of accelerating changes in our climate.

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A zoomed in, close-up on a pill bottle spilling out non-descript white pills.

Responding to the substance use crisis

The struggle of those suffering from addictions has only been made worse by the pandemic. Leveraging the strength of partnerships across the state, IU researchers are helping frontline workers and families across Indiana to address addiction.

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A three-dimensional representation of the COVID-19 virus.

The ongoing COVID-19 fight

Since the emergence of the coronavirus pandemic, IU faculty have been at the forefront of critical work, exploring the causes of COVID-19 as well as its myriad health, social, societal, and economic impacts.

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According to an April 2021 survey commissioned by IU:

86%of Hoosiers believe it's important for universities to lead medical research to develop cures for debilitating diseases.

75%of Hoosiers view collaboration as critical for solving the addiction crisis.

2 in 3Hoosiers support university-led efforts to make Indiana more environmentally resilient.