AI, Cybersecurity & Our Digital World

Paving the way

IU is a leading force in conquering the digital age by developing new artificial intelligence, advancing cybersecurity expertise and preparing our world for tomorrow’s challenges. 

At the forefront of AI research

IU is leading the way in building new pathways for educating the next generation of AI experts, and our researchers are navigating complex issues such as built-in bias in algorithms, whether robots have rights, the spread of misinformation and more.

Intelligent assistants

Using AI, an IU researcher is exploring how intelligent assistants, such as Siri and Alexa, can help older adults with daily health care information tasks at home. 



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Roadmap to health

A digital twin of the immune system, being created by an IU researcher, could offer personalized treatments for a variety of ailments, including cancer, autoimmune diseases and viral infections such as COVID-19.

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David Crandall

This is such an exciting time to be working in AI, and there's so much potential for IU to contribute to AI and for AI to contribute to IU.

David Crandall, director, the Luddy Center for Artificial Intelligence

Securing the country

IU, Purdue and Notre Dame have teamed up with the Naval Surface Warfare Center, Crane Division to develop Trusted AI Intelligence research and workforce development to benefit the defense and security of the United States.

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Safeguarding the state

To combat the growing cyber risks that surround us, leaders from IU, Purdue and Notre Dame convened for the first Indiana Statewide Cybersecurity Summit.

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Preparing for tomorrow’s threats

Diverse undergraduate and graduate students at IUPUI are receiving the training they need to become the next generation of cybersecurity engineers who will help the U.S. respond to national security needs.

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Fred H. Cate, IU Vice President for Research

As technology evolves, so does the need for more robust and thoughtful cybersecurity measures. I'm proud that IU researchers are leading the way toward the creation of more comprehensive and inclusive computing protections.

Fred Cate, IU vice president for research