Industry Partnerships & Innovation

The power of partnership and innovation

Innovation and strategic partnerships are essential to advancing the research enterprise at IU, which has been ranked for the ninth consecutive year among the top 100 universities worldwide for the number of U.S. utility patents granted.

149New invention disclosures

238Patents received

4Startups Launched

Targeting gene therapies

To advance development of new cell- and gene-based therapies targeting genetic disease and cancers, a startup company created by two IU chemistry professors has licensed technology to Waters Corporation.

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Protecting infants

In an effort to help thousands of children throughout the world, IU will further develop a new technology to create a combination oral rotavirus-norovirus vaccine for infants.

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Shining bright

An innovative new material called SMILES, which was invented at IU, has the potential to advance technologies such as solar panels, solid-state lasers, medical imaging devices and 3D displays.

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From left: Michael Berghoff, chair of the Purdue Board of Trustees; Purdue President Mitch Daniels; Chris Lowery, commissioner of the Indiana Commission for Higher Education; IU President Pamela Whitten; and Quinn Buckner, chair of the IU Board of Trustees; met to discuss the future for higher education in Indianapolis.  Photo by John Underwood, Purdue University
Logos for industry partners like Lilly, IU Health, Cummins, and Coca-Cola.

Monitoring a patient’s well-being

Smart fibers with sensors distributed along their length can be incorporated into medical devices such as catheters and endoscopes to provide real-time monitoring of a patient's well-being.

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Supporting underserved students

Underserved high school students across Indiana receive career support opportunities through the Informatics Diversity-Enhanced Workforce program, supported by JPMorgan Chase since 2015.

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Providing cybersecurity resources

Partnering with multiple organizations throughout the state, the Center for Applied Cybersecurity Research at IU provides cybersecurity resources, leadership training and consultation services to Indiana business leaders.

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